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Clowns for Christ in Pohnpei, Micronesia

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We just got back from Pohnpei, Micronesia from a great mission trip. God blessed in a mighty way. We saw many people come to Christ.  We were able to preach Christ through clowning in a number of public schools.  Our host missionaries, George and Patty Milgrim, told us that we were the first ones to go into the public schools to share Christ. They would not allow any of the pastors of the churches on the island in the public schools to share Christ.

In all of our programs we share a saying with the group that goes like this:  “I’m special, I’m unique, I’m one of a kind, there’s no one like me, and I can make a difference.”  Before we left to come back to the U.S. we received over 100 notes from the children in the schools. I want to share two with you.

“Thank you for teaching me that I am special. I always feel inferior to those around me because of my appearance and my lack of talents, and others sometimes tease me. Another reason would be because I’m different from my classmates. You helped give me the confidence I needed to feel special. Thank you.”

“I am in CCA School and in 6th grade. It was my first time for me to know you. I really enjoyed this week with you.  I was having fun and learned a lot about Christ. I gave my life to Jesus and I learned many things through magic.  I am so happy that I can meet you and that you are here for Christ. “

What an encouragement it was to read these many notes and letters.  We saw over 100 people come to Christ and many Christians recommit their life to Christ

I had the chance to preach in 6 churches, we did our clown program in 4 public schools, 4 churches, and 5 days (twice a day) in a Christian school, a program one night for the public and a visit to the Island hospital.  Faye and I also spoke at the Men’s and Women’s prayer breakfast they have once a month.

We want to thank you for the prayers you have given us.  We certainly don’t take your prayers for us lightly.  While there we held a number of outdoor meetings and did not have to cancel one even though it rains an average of 50 “ a month!

Jimbo and Skiddles, Clowns for Christ


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