Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Happy 40th Anniversary Temple Baptist Church!

Who: Temple Baptist Church Fellowship

-We that make up this fellowship, Temple Baptist Church, have been richly blessed in our opportunity to worship together. We are able to say, even as David said, “O Lord, I love the habitation of thy house, and the place where thy glory dwells.” (J. D. Surbaugh, Jr.)

 What: Pictures for our 40th Anniversary church directory

 -Help us celebrate Temple Baptist Church’s 40 year testimony by participating in the creation of our new church directory.

-Help with the fellowship unity by allowing others to put your name with your face.

– We are striving to have 200 families represented.

-Allow this to be your family picture for the year!

-Pictures will be taken by Lifetouch Photography. Lifetouch has been a trusted provider of family photography for over 70 years. They are trusted to do a great job in providing us with quality portraits and quality service.

 When: Tuesday October 19th thru Saturday October 22nd.

-Mark your Calendar!!!!

-More information will be coming. Including times and picture details.

-Be sure to watch for flyers and inserts in our church bulletins.

-Come by and be a part of our family album!

-To make this a success, we need you, your family, your friends and your neighbors.

 Where: Temple Baptist Church Fellowship Hall


In the directory, we will have a section of pictures marking our history. We are looking for pictures showing our beginning up until now. If you have some pictures that you would like to share, please see Pastor Surbaugh.


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