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Missions Moments

September 13, 2010 by  
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By Carolyn Cole

Recently, I have had the opportunity to converse with Michael Petkof and Caleb and Benjamin Crocker.  What a blessing it was to listen as these three young men shared their dreams and plans for the future.

Michael is the son of Mike and Linda Petkof, our missionaries to Greece.  Michael shares his father’s outgoing personality and is beginning to explore the possibilities that may exist for him in missionary work. He has attended Greek schools, and will quickly tell you that he is Greek.  He loves the Greek food and way of life.  Michael explained that as a Christian, he is in the minority at his school.  But that has not kept him from making many friends; and as his friendships develop, he is able to share his Christianity.

Caleb and Benjamin Crocker, sons of Ray and Ginger Crocker (missionaries to Singapore) will be attending Pensacola Christian College this fall.  Caleb will be preparing for the ministry and Benjamin will be in the criminal justice program.  Both men are eager to begin this new phase of their lives.  But they were quick to share how they would miss Singapore, especially the different cuisines.

What a blessing to know that the Petkofs and Crockers are not only reaching the lost in Greece and Singapore, but that God has used them to inspire their sons to be Christ’s ambassadors wherever He leads them in the future.


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