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Food for Thought – November/December 2010

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     How can it be that so many people in American society today are well educated in the eyes of the world, but we continue to fall behind because of our continuing decline in academic ability?  To make matters worse, America is not only becoming educationally deficient, she has become spiritually ignorant.  Both of these conditions are more a function of choice rather than of chance. 

     In a recent survey,  professing Christians were polled while leaving church on a Sunday morning and most could not even name the four Gospels, much less answer any number of simple questions on the basic tenets of the Christian faith.  Among the other groups who were polled, those of other faiths including Muslims and  atheists fared much better, including their knowledge of Christian doctrine.  Why is this happening all around us, and what can we do to resolve this situation?  The answer is simple. We must return to God and look to His Word for direction.

     Matthew 5-7, which is known as the Sermon on the Mount, gives us a great deal of insight into these issues and sets a course of correction, if we will only hear and heed what Jesus Himself is telling us.  In the first verse of chapter 5, it says He opened His mouth and taught them.  Among the topics He taught were the “BEATITUDES”, including being the salt of the earth and the light of the world.  He also taught practical life skills which included anger management, reconciling relationships, keeping your word, adultery and divorce, submission to authority, as well as stewardship, prayer, fasting, and investing in a heavenly portfolio of eternal assets.  Instruction is also given on getting our own house in order rather than being judgmental of others, living the golden rule, how to pray effectively and to be discerning in what we accept as truth.

     Christ sums up His message by telling His listeners that they must choose one of two worldviews: humanistic or Theo centric.  In summary, verses 28-29 of Matthew 7 says they were astonished by the authority of His teaching.  The only way our society can be corrected is by re-instating the principles, methods, and doctrines of the Greatest Teacher who ever taught, Jesus Christ the Master Teacher.


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