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Missions Moments – March/April 2011

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The Ashcrafts are our missionaries to Southeast Asia.  Randy, Gwen, and their children (Lee, Cynthia, Andrew, Caleb and William) arrived in Bangkok on April 14, 2010.  They have mastered enough of the language to make basic conversation with the Thai people.  Randy teaches English three times a week to Thai Buddhists and offers a Bible lesson following each class.  Their plans for 2011 are to keep learning Thai, keep teaching English, and share Christ with the lost at every opportunity. 

                Their Type-O visa will expire on March 27.  They have applied for a work permit but it has not been received.  If their work permit is not granted by the deadline, the Ashcraft family will get a tourist visa which will require them to exit and re-enter the country every fourteen (14) days.  This not will be easy logistically and will be very expensive.  Randy and Gwen have asked that we be in prayer that they soon receive their work visas.

                There certainly is a lot of work needed in Thailand where eighty-five percent (85%) of the population is Buddhist and only one percent (1%) is Christian.


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