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Clowns for Christ – Phillippines Trip

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Newsletter 9

Dear Friends,

We have returned from our two week trip to the Philippines. We had a safe and fruitful trip. My, how God blessed. We saw over 700 people come to Christ. Below is a letter from one of the three pastors we worked with while in the Philippines.

Dear Brother Jimmie and Sister Faye,

A blessed day to you.  It was a wonderful blessing and experience when you visited our work here in Dasmarinas, Cavite.  We were all very excited and waiting for the day to come.  It was our first time to have a visitor like you who is doing missionary work as clowns for Christ.

Indeed, God has many ways to reach each people, especially the children. It’s been the ministry of the church at first to teach and bring children for Christ. We have started a few extension classes on our nearby barangay.  Now, we have ten areas in which lots of children are coming to attend every Saturday in the afternoon. Our love for the children has never changed. 

I myself, and the church were overwhelmed that day.  We had almost 500 children that came.  How God provided for our needs to feed them afterwards, and the many things you brought them that added to their joy, (especially teaching them about Christ and the way of Salvation, through the Gospel necklace).  The children enjoyed very much, the lollipops and your sweet smiles for them. 

We pray that we can have you again next year.  My wife already looked on your website.  She was very glad to view it (especially your ministry for the school, the music department, your new church building, and the picture of your pastor). 

Please extend our thanks to Temple Baptist Church for having a ministry like this, and for letting you go for a missionary trip in the Philippines.  We thank you and we pray that we can be a part of your ministry, too.  To all the members of Clowns for Christ,  and Pastor Surbaugh, we thank you very much for considering the Philippines as one of your places to go.  To God all the Glory and praise.  Glad to hear from you soon.

In Christ,

PastorVergil C. Ojao

Here is a picture of the meeting in Dasmarinas, Cavite, Philippines.

Just think how God used your prayers and gifts to make this trip possible.
Thanks for your prayers as we continue our ministry here and abroad.

In His service,
Jimbo and Skiddles


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