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Clowns for Christ Mexico Trip June/July 2011

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Dear Faithful Friends,

We want to thank you for your prayers during our trip to Mexico. God saw us safely through as we traveled over 2000 miles!

God blessed us with new tires, and we had two mechanics look over the van before we left. We did have a slight miss, but we were assured it would be okay.  Between Abilene and Sweet Water, Texas, the van came to a dead stop.  The Lord is sovereign.  We came off at a truck stop and were able to locate a mechanic.  They took us to a motel and in less than 20 hours we were back on the road.  Right before we left, we received a check in the mail that would cover the repairs.  God is good all the time.  All the time God is good.

We crossed the border with no problems. The van crossed without a hitch.  However about 10 miles out, Brother Mike was stopped for speeding.  Again, God intervened.  No ticket was given, and we were on our way again.

Friday we went to the village where the missionary had been turned away twice in the last couple of years.  We didn’t know if we would be able to present the gospel or not.  We started face painting and balloon animals when the skies opened and the rain started to fall.  Satan thought he had won.  We went to a covered pavilion and many souls were saved.
Again, Satan thought he was going to have a victory, but God intervened. 

We were late leaving for Parral so that threw everything behind. We went to the town square for a service, but there were no children.  A few came up and we did balloon animals and then we set up for a program.  However, the rain came.

A Mexican who spoke English started talking to Jimmie.  He talked for over an hour.  In the mean time, the rain stopped. We did our program, and 39 souls asked Jesus into their hearts.  PRAISE THE LORD!

Jimmie preached two services on Sunday; one in Jimenez and the other in Parral.  There was an 80 year old gentleman who accepted the Lord in Parral.  Praise God, He knows no age.

Yay!  Fourth of July- Fireworks- Picnic- Potato salad- NOT.  We did have a picnic with a special Mexican dish over an open flame.  Friends came over and we had fireworks, but no potato salad.

Tuesday we traveled to a migrant worker’s camp.  We were going to give out toys to the children, but God had other plans. It started to rain.  We gathered under a metal shed and shared the gospel.  In the end 14 souls were saved.  We were in the area where one of the preacher boys’ father-in-law was, so we stopped in to see him.  We told him we were planning on going to this other village.  He said, “No, it’s too dangerous.”  He told us that a gang known as Zeta was there and they would have taken the van and truck and robbed us.  Needless to say we returned to the ranch.  Thank you God.

Jimmie preached at LaFe Baptist Church Wednesday night.  We saw many old friends.  We then left at 3:05 Thursday morning headed home again.

We saw many souls saved.  We were able to take the $700 collected at Bible school to a missionary preacher at the Ranch. Then we delivered the van to Mike and Brenda Combs, one of the missionaries we support.

We want to thank you for your support and prayers at this time.  We will be taking other trips during the summer and fall. We covet your prayers as we seek to do whatever the Lord has for us.

In His Service,
Jimmie, Faye and Elizabeth
JimBo, Skiddles, and LaLe Pop



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  1. Catherine Lotspeich says:

    Thanks for all you do for the Lord. I love hearing how God takes cares of you guys on these missions trips. You both are a blessing to us all.