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Opportunities for Service (November/December 2011)

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Thanksgiving and Christmas are quickly approaching.  If you just sighed…read on!  For Christians these are special opportunities to remember and celebrate the goodness of God.  I encourage my Sunday School class to make a list of 100 things they are thankful for each year.  This is a wonderful exercise to do throughout the month of November in preparation for Thanksgiving.

Look back over the past twelve months and see how richly God has blessed you!  Pastor Surbaugh frequently says, “A thinking people will be a thankful people.”  I encourage everyone to make your list and reflect on a year full of blessings.

As Christmas approaches, find time to slow down and reflect on the real meaning of Christmas.  Satan loves nothing more than for Christians to get bogged down in good things, and miss the very best thing of all.  God became a man…..If that thought didn’t take your breath away you may have heard the account so many times it has lost its wonder and magnificence.

God the Creator…became a man, the creation.  This holiday, be still and know that He is God!  See Him as the Creator of all, and reflect on the love and grace He exhibited to us when He came to earth as a baby!  Do not miss the awe of this special season.

Brother and sisters in Christ, remember one other important fact – the very God who created the universe – the very God who came to earth as a baby – the very God who died on the cross and rose again has left His Spirit inside of you!  You are indwelled by the Holy Spirit of God.

Demonstrate the love of God throughout the holidays.  Look for ways to reach out to unsaved neighbors, relatives, and friends.  Exhibit the true meaning of Christmas to a world that desperately needs to know His love.


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