Monday, March 19, 2018

When It Takes Faith to Give Thanks

All of us are prone to be thankful at the moment of blessing.  It really doesn’t take faith, however, to give thanks at a moment when we can see what God has just done.  But it really does require faith to be thankful when the outcome of a situation has not yet been revealed.  It takes faith to thank God for his blessings when we are not sure of the exact amount of those blessings.

An illustration of giving thanks prior to the blessing comes from the life of George Mueller.  In the 1800s Mueller had an orphanage in Bristol, England, where about one thousand orphans lived.  One evening Mueller was informed that after the evening meal they would be out of food.  Mr. Mueller rose early the next morning to pray, as was his custom.

After spending hours in prayer, he told the staff to gather all of the children into the dinning hall for breakfast.  They gathered into the dining hall and sat around the tables.  Mr. Mueller began to pray and thank God for the breakfast they were about to eat.  He thanked God for the provision that he believed God would provide.

At the end of the prayer, a knock sounded at the door.  One of the staff members answered the door to find a bakery wagon.  The driver said, “Ma’am, I just passed by this place when my bakery wagon broke.  I am not able to bring all of the bread and the goods from the bakery into the marketplace.  In fact, if someone does not eat this bread and these goods, they will simply spoil here on the wagon.  I was wondering if you would be able to use these here in the home?”  All of the food was brought into the orphanage and the children were fed.

Mr. Mueller was able to thank God in advance.  He gave thanks even when it took faith to give thanks.

 This Thanksgiving, may we give thanks with a thankful heart!


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