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Esther – The Queen Who Dared to Refuse

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In the book of Esther, God’s face is hidden.  God’s name is not mentioned; no divine title or pronoun refers to Him.  There is no mention of prayer nor dependence upon God.

Esther is never quoted in the New Testament, nor is there even a casual reference to it.  However the Jews give it a peculiar emphasis.  Esther teaches the providence of God.  “Providence” comes from the same stem as “provide”, and it simply means that God will provide.  Theologically, providence is the direction God gives to everything, good and evil.  Practically, providence is the hand of God in the glove of history – and that glove will never move until He moves it.

Providence means that God is behind the scenes, shifting and directing them.  As recorded in the book of Esther, the entire Jewish nation would have been slain had it not been for the providence of God.

God stands in the shadows, keeping watch over His own!

This series on Esther will continue on Sunday evenings throughout the 2012 year.  Click here to listen to the audio of these messages.


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