Thursday, March 22, 2018

Clowns for Christ Newsletter – Roanoke trip

Dear Friends,

We want to thank you for your prayers and gifts. We do not take this for granted. Your prayers and support are what allows us to share the Gospel to many nations to many people. Some of the places we go we are able to go in to public schools and other public places to share the Gospel where missionaries are not allowed to go.

We just got back from Roanoke, VA doing a clown ministry for fellowship Baptist. We held a day long conference for clowns. They have eight people who have started clowning, and wanted some training to help them in their ministry. We covered face painting, balloon making, clown costumes, clown face make up, skits, and illusions. They were a great group to work with and I am sure they will have a great ministry. We were honored to help them get started. You had a part in this.

We will leave in a week and half to go to the border of Mexico and Texas to work with missionaries Rick and Kim Hall. Rick and Kim went with us on our first trip to Mexico and God called them to full time service to the Mexican people. We will be doing a week long meeting while at their camp.

In the end of June we will be driving to Mexico in a van the church has given to a missionary in Mexico. We will then spend a week with the missionary Mike and Brenda Combs sharing God’s love through Clowning.

Please pray for these trips as it continues to be very dangerous traveling through Mexico. We serve a God who will protect us while we are doing His work.

We also need to put tires on the van (about $600.00), we also need to do about $300.00 worth of work on the van. We figure the trip will cost about $1,500.00 for gas, food, and lodging. We will also need to buy return tickets to fly back home.

If you help with the cost of these two trips we would be so grateful. Please cover this matter in pray for us.

Jimmie and Faye.


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