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Mission Letter from Clowns For Christ

October 22, 2011

Dear Faithful Friends,

What a blessing it is to serve the Lord. He will give you strength when you are tired and provide a means when He calls.

We have just returned from the Eastern Shore ministering to the Hispanics living there. We were off and running Saturday morning into the night visiting many the migrant camps and sharing the gospel. Souls were saved.

Our good friend, Pastor Saul Hernandez, took us to Mappsville Baptist Church Sunday morning where we shared the gospel. Souls were saved – PRAISE THE LORD. Sunday evening we went to Pastor Saul’s Church. In true Mexican style church was to start at 5:30 we began at 6:15. People were still coming in at 6:45.

In September we went to Roanoke with Pastor Job Martinize ministering to the Hispanics, 6 were saved. Jimbo and Skiddles visited the children at Temple Baptist Church for Round Up Sunday. They also visited Clearbrook Apartments – 4 were saved. Both young and old seem to smile when they see a clown.

In August and September we had two Mexican missionaries staying with us. We were able to take them to different churches so they could present their work. It was great to renew old friendships.

Pray as we plan for our upcoming ministries. We will be doing several programs between now and the first of the year. In March Pohnpei (2 weeks), July Mexico (l week) and November India (1 week) we covet your prayers as we plan these trips and strength to do His will.

In His Service,
Jimbo and Skiddles


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