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Dear Faithful Prayer Partner,

What a summer from June until the middle of August. It seemed like we got home and turned around and headed out again. Our first trip to Mexico was to the Yucatan Area of Mexico to a small village, Kankabchen. There was no place to stay in the village so we stayed in Moreles, Mexico. Each morning we would get up and head out to Kankabchen, a forty-five minute drive. The pastor in Kankabchen is Pastor Eleasar at Mission Baptist Tempo El Boen Samaritano.

We presented a clown program each day during Bible school. On Thursday night Jimmie had a chance to preach at the church. Church was to begin at 6:00 pm. We arrived at 5:45 and no one was there, not even the pastor. The pastor arrived at 6:45 and the congregation started to arrive from 6:45 to 7:15. Church started at 7:15. Be flexible that is the Mexican way.

We gave out 145 pair of flip flops, toys, games, and coloring books with crayons that were donated by the adult Sunday school classes at Temple Baptist. We also were able to give out dresses to many of the girls that were given by Dress a Girl Around the World organization. Thanks to all who gave.

We saw a number of souls saved and lives changed during this trip.

We headed home to unpack and then a week later we pack up again to go to Mexico City to work with Capital Baptist Church pastored by Ed Hoagland, a missionary that our church supports. The Hoagland’s were at their youth camp during the week we were there. We had the opportunity to work with Bernado and Ashley a couple who work at Capital Baptist. Bernado is the youth Pastor at Capital Baptist and Ashley works with him holding a Bible study once a week in a home of one of their members. Ashley also works with several ladies groups at the church. They were a pleasure to work with.

We also had a chance to go to one of their feeding centers to do a program and give out dresses from Dress a Girl Around the World. What a great work the Hoagland’s are doing there in Mexico.

We had a great week with 4 adults saved on Sunday at the service for the parents of the children attending Bible School. During Bible school we had a number of children saved and some rededicated their lives to Christ.

As always when we make these reports of our trips we want you to know that we give God all the glory. It is nothing we do but what God does. We just want to be faithful to serve and follow Him.

If you would like we can send you our newsletter by email. Please send your email address to and we will include you in our email format with our next newsletter. If you have a pray request or would like to be taken off the newsletter mailing list, just email or write us at 281 Campbelltown Lane, Monroe, VA 24574.

Our next trip takes us to India. We will be going with Benny Matthews, director of Alpha Ministries. We will be ministering to 500 India children in a week long Bible school. As always we will be prepared for whatever the schedule calls for. Many times things change even at the last minute and you always need to be flexible. It will be one of those long flights that are not much fun. We praise the Lord that He has called us to a new country to share Christ. As always we covet your prayers. If you would like to help with these expenses, you can send a check made out to Temple Baptist Church with Clowns for Christ in the memo section. Mail it to Jimmie Long, Temple Baptist Church, P.O. Box 970, Madison Heights, VA 24572.

We also continue to have ministries here in the United States. Usually we have 2 a month and Jimmie gets to speak at Clearbrook, a home for the elderly, every week.

We thank you for taking the time to read our news letter and praying for us. May God richly bless you.

In His Service,

Jimbo and Skiddles
Clowns for Christ


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