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Jimbo & Skiddles in Texas

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Dear Friends,

We came back from our two week mission trip to Texas and found the aftermath of a bad wind storm. Many thousands were without power including ourselves. We finally got our power back after 5 days without it. We were very thankful. Many in the area still are without power as we write this letter.

We thank you for your prayers for our trip. We had the opportunity to see over 20 people come to Christ. We had a lady and her teenage daughter come forward in one meeting. We went door to door in our clown outfits to invite people to come to our Bible school and had the opportunity to lead a family of 5 to Christ in their front yard. They came the next day to the program where we were able to introduce them to the pastor who will do follow up. God is so good to allow us to be a partner with you in seeing people come to Christ.

We stayed at Camp Cone Oasis with Rick and Kim Hall. It was good to renew old friendships. They went on our first mission trip to Mexico and gave their life to serve Christ full time on the mission field.

We were able to participate in 4 different Bible schools. We worked the first week with a group from Ohio who were working with a church to run their Bible school. We were able to make some good friends and had good fellowship with them.  God blessed with all of our travel plans. We had no problems with our flight schedule or travel while there.

We now prepare for our next trip to Mexico. We will be leaving July 15th and returning on the 23rd of July. We will be doing a Bible school in Kancabchen, Mexico. Please pray for our travel and Bible school.

Skiddles and Jimbo


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