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Clowns For Christ

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Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. How we praise His wonderful name, and give thanks for your prayers and gifts.
I read devotion recently from Isaiah 17, where we see that Israel had forgotten the God of their salvation, and God said that their harvest would be a heap of ruins. This prophecy serves as a warning for us about the dangers of thinking we can produce anything on our own. Apart from God, the work of our hands will become a pile of ruins. But when we join with God in the work of His hands God will multiply our efforts and provide spiritual nourishment.
We want to be a part of what God is doing around the world. Apart from God our work is nothing, we pray that God will lead us, and use us.
Since our last letter we have been to Mexico with our missionary Mike and Brenda Combs. While there we ran a Bible school for a week with over 40 people saved in Bible school and visitation. We went to a village and after visiting we did a program where about another 30 people were saved. The last night we went to the plaza in town where tourists come to eat shop and look around. We started to do a program and the police stopped us and said we had to pay a large fee in order to do a program. After talking for awhile with them Bro. Mike was able to get us permission to do the program. We saw close to 20 people saved. As the Lord lays us on your heart please pray for us. You never know that when we need help that you are praying for us. The devil tried to stop us but God show His power and overcame the problem.
After coming home we had a two day program at Brother Walter Yancey’s youth camp. We did 3 chapels and saw several people ask Christ into their heart.
Praise the Lord God is still on the throne and saving souls.
We have several prayer requests for you to pray for:
1. We leave in two weeks for Mexico. The missionary that we will visit his wife just had cancer surgery and he will not be there. We will be working with his two daughters.
2. That God will continue to give us strength to continue on as we get older. Jimbo turns 72 in a few days.
3. Safe traveling as we travel through Mexico.
4. We are in need of over $3,000.00 to help with our expenses. God has provided in years past and I know He will continue.
We continue to thank you in helping us through your prayers and encouragement.
Jimbo and Skiddles


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