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Guatemala trip 2014

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Dear Friends,
We just arrived back from Guatemala with missionaries Adrian and Marissa Hernandez. They have just moved to Guatemala and have started a new work in several villages.
We visited several towns with Adrian to seek permission for them to hold services in the town. We were invited into meet with the mayor in one town. He was in the middle of a meeting with his town council, but invited us in anyway. He introduce us to all the dignitaries in the office and served us coffee. After the meeting he gave permission to hold meetings in the town. He then sent us with his assistant to look over the area that they could hold their meeting. This will be a great opportunity for the missionaries to establish a church.
After we got back the missionaries emailed us to let us know that they had went back to visit the mayor and had let him to the Lord.
We were in Guatemala during the rainy season and had plenty of rain while there. We also experienced a mild 5.2 earthquake while there. There are 3 active volcanoes around the city of Guatemala and one was smoking.
We also had the opportunity to have a service with a young missionary, Ryan Ashcraft. We met him as a young person in Mexico and had many trips with his family. He is now married, has a child and has started a new church in Guatemala. We saw a number of people saved including several adults in this service.
We had the Sunday morning service at another church. We both taught a Sunday school class. Faye taught an elementary class while Jimmie taught a teen class. As soon as the classes were over we slipped down to the pastor’s office and changed to Skiddles and Jimbo. We then did the children’s church program. After the program all the kids met outside and had a pinata to hit and get candy. It was a good day.
We went to a public school and had a program with the students in a classroom. It’s amazing how we can get into so many public schools on our trips and present the gospel.
As you read this we are in Mexico with our missionaries Mike and Brenda Combs. We will be doing a Bible school all week and visiting in at least on village. We hope to be able to do a service down at the coast were a lot of tourist and locals come to visit.
God has blessed us with a unique ministry that He has used in so many amazing ways. We just praise Him and give Him all the credit.
We continue to covet you prayers as we travel sharing the good news that Jesus loves us, died and rose again to give us eternal life. Jimbo and Skiddles


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