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India Trip 2012

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Dear Friends,
We have arrived back from India. What a trip. God is good. We thank you for your prayers and gifts. Your prayers are a very important part of our ministry.
Persecution of Christians is very real in the part of India we were in. We rode in a van with the curtains drawn, couldn’t leave our rooms, and were whisked away immediately after the invitation was given so that we wouldn’t be there if the authorities came to bust up the revival. We were not allowed to give out tracts or talk about our faith in Christ. We were able to visit the hotel that the theorist bombed in 2002.
We were a part of a team of 25 that included Doctors, Nurses, Dental Hygienist, Preachers, and Children workers.
We ministered in Mudgao, India, at the Mudgao Impact 2012 Discipleship Training. They had over 4,000 attending with close to 300 people accepting Jesus Christ as their savior. We had over 100 baptized in a pond near the meeting place. . At baptism each of these men and women were asked two questions: “Are you willing to die for Jesus?” and “Are you willing to give up your family for Jesus?” For these young believers these are not theoretical questions. These are real weighty decisions. Martyrdom and loss of loved ones for the faith are distinct possibilities for each of them.
We worked with the children’s Bible Camp with over 500 children and 70 decisions for Christ. 15 of those saved were baptized. We were also privilege to give out over 300 Bibles and almost 600 backpacks with school supplies.
We saw masses of people crowded in small spaces in all of the cities. India’s population in 2011 was 1,242,491,960 according to the World Bank. Cows roamed free in the city streets. Poverty was present everywhere.
We also visited the hotel in Mumbai, India that was attacked by terrorists who killed over 100 and took hostages.
We also visited with the Mrs. Matthews and her family for supper one night. The Mathew’s family home was attacked early in the morning over Thanksgiving. This occurred while Mrs. Matthews was inside leading a group of women in prayer. The attacker gained entry into the home but was pushed outside and the door locked. The attacker proceeded to throw large rocks at the house and car resulting in some damage to the house and broken windows in the family van. Praise God that no one was injured. She was understandably frightened, but remarked to her son that her faith is strong in God to provide protection.
As I said in the first part of this letter that your prayers are very important to us. We believe that God’s hand of protection was on us while we were in India.
We also covet your prayers as we prepare for this coming years trips. We are contacting missionaries now about trips next year. Please pray for us that God will direct us to where He wants us to go in the year 2013. We also will be working with churches in the US when invited. If your church would like for us to come and do a clown program for a Children’s Crusade, or Bible school, please contact us.
Thanks again for your prayers. God has been good this year and will continue to meet each of our needs.
In His Service,

Jimbo and Skiddles



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