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Yucatan Trip 2014

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Dear Friends,
This past Sunday our Pastor used Isaiah 42:1 as one of his verse references for his message. This verse points out 5 things that make us special; He created us, He formed us, He redeemed us, He called us by name, and He says we are His. What a blessing this verse is to Christians. Every program we do we do a special skit called “I’m Special.” It goes like this; I’m special, I’m unique, I’m one of a kind, and I can make a difference. What a blessing it is when people come up to us and say I did not feel very special until you shared that skit and verse with me. I know that I am special in God’s eyes.
We just got back from Tecoh, Yucatan, Mexico. We were privileged to serve with two great missionaries Becky and Angie Seals. They are the daughters of seasoned missionaries Otis and Betty Seals. At the present time Otis and Betty are in Georgia while Betty fights off cancer. Please pray for Otis and Betty in this battle against cancer. They have been on the field for over 40 years. Their daughters are caring on the work while Otis and Betty are in Georgia. We were very impressed by the great job these two sisters are doing for the Lord. The sisters are in need of additional support to help them be affective for the Lord. If you are your church would like to take them on as missionaries please contact us and we will put you in contact with their mission board. We have been with them, know the great work they are doing, and highly recommend them.
While there we had the opportunity to have Bible school for the church in Tecoh and a program in Pixyah another village in the Yucatan. Jimmie had the privilege to preach in their church on Sunday. We attended a house church service that they have each week. They also have a Bible college and we were asked to speak to a class on outreach. On Saturday’s they have a Bible club at their house. We made balloon animals and painted faces during this program. We saw several people come to Christ in these programs.
We also are privileged to work with an organization call “Dress A Girl Around the World”. They provide us with new dresses for girls and shirts and shorts for boys. We gave out over a 100 dresses to the girls in Tecoh and Pixyah while there. Many of these girls have never had a new dress. What a blessing this group is to us as we travel to different countries.
We have several local ministries scheduled between now and October 18th. We leave on the 18th of October to go to Arizona to visit a new missionary (he was a classmate of our pastor in Bible college). We will be working in his church and the Native Americans on the reservation of the Tohana Odem Nation.
Enclosed is a letter one of the Bible college students wrote us and gave us when we left. What an encouragement it is to get letters like this from people we meet on the mission field. We have never met a more caring and loving group of people on our 80 plus trips than the people we met in Tecoh.
Thanks for your continued support and prayers as we continue to partner with you to see souls come to Christ.
In Christ Service, Your Servants,
JIMBO, Skiddles and LaLe Pop

Subject: Farewell Letter
FOR: Brothers and Sister Jimmy, Faye, and Elizabeth
Good day brothers, pardon my writing I can’t write well because of my finger. I write this letter with one purpose: to give thanks for your arrival here in Mexico, Yucatan, Tecoh, and also to give thanks to God for allowing you to come help in Vacation Bible School.
For me and also for the brothers it was a great blessing these four days. Also I now know there are other people in the world who do the will of God in their lives.
Through your ministry to the shelters there were children that accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior. Also thank you for the teaching Monday at the Institute and the Vacation Bible Schools.
I hope to meet again, brothers, for I was sad that you went back to your city, but I know that our memories as a family in Christ and the two weeks will always remain in our hearts.
The talks, the fellowship, the teachings, the preaching was beautiful. Jimmy using the word “tacos”, for me it was fun, but a time of great learning.
Perhaps, brothers we won’t meet again; maybe I go or maybe you go, but there is a place where we will surely see each other again. That place is heaven. And I’ll be full of joy to see you like I see God and Jesus Christ.
For me and for the brothers here it was an honor and a joy to have served in your stay here.
P.S. I ask your prayers for me and for my brothers, for our spiritual growth and for our place in the work of God.


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