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Food for Thought (November/December 2011)

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Spring has sprung, summer is done, and fall has finally come. Time’s not merely marching onward, it’s proceeding at a run. We spend every single moment trying to fill life to the brim. Then, we wonder why God doesn’t speak. Maybe we’re just not listening to Him.

In our fast paced lifestyle, we try to fill every moment with some … Read more...

Food for Thought – May/June 2011

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The God who met with Moses on the mountain is the same God who meets with me. The God who provided the ram for Abraham provided Jesus to set me free. He’s the one great God eternal. He holds all creation in His hands. And, in His eyes I am “one of a kind”. I’ve been made a special person. … Read more...

Food for Thought – March/April 2011

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We are definitely living in perilous times. As the evil in this world waxes worse and worse, what are we to do to cope with the increasingly difficult circumstances we face from day to day?  God tells us in verses 9-12 of Ecclesiastes chapter 4, that two are better than one because they have a good reward for their labor. … Read more...

Food for Thought – January 2011

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Studying science with the TCS middle school students this year has allowed God to reveal Himself to me in ways I had never fully understood before. Whether we are using a microscope or a telescope, God declares Himself and His glory. A close examination of the intricate design within creation shows His incomparable intellect and organizational ability, but it is … Read more...

Food for Thought – November/December 2010

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     How can it be that so many people in American society today are well educated in the eyes of the world, but we continue to fall behind because of our continuing decline in academic ability?  To make matters worse, America is not only becoming educationally deficient, she has become spiritually ignorant.  Both of these conditions are more a function of … Read more...

Food for Thought

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By: Neil Garber

When memories are all we have, what will we remember?  What will we treasure when life’s race is run?  Time can’t be borrowed and it can’t be loaned. Once time is spent, it’s forever gone.  So quickly, time keeps slipping through our hands.  But, our time is bought and our time is sold, for fleeting silver and … Read more...